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Rescheduling a Session

In your portal account, you can reschedule and cancel sessions on your own.  Simply click on the session in your calendar and choose either Reschedule or Cancel.


How to Reschedule Your Session:

  1. Open your portal calendar and click on the session that you would like to reschedule.


  2. Click the Reschedule Session button and enter a short explanation. Submit.


  3. A calendar will open to choose your make-up session.  Select the day and timeframe you want your new class to be.  Your new session can be schedule anytime after 24 hours.


  4. Choose a schedule block, and slide to a new time frame, if needed. 


  5. Click the Reschedule Session button to confirm.
  6. You will see your original session on your calendar with a gray color and the new session will be found with a blue color.




Please note that account reschedules are limited to 50% of your hours per month.  For example, if you are taking 10 hours per billing period, you are allowed up to 5 hours of reschedules.  The number of reschedules you have resets at the beginning of each month.

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