Can I select a specific teacher?

Can I select a specific teacher?

If you have a name of a teacher was recommended to you by a friend, please let us know his/her name and we will check if they are available.
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    • Can I select a specific teacher?

      Our portal automatically matches you with a teacher that will be the best match for you.  If you still wish to request a specific teacher, you can contact scheduling and they will check the teacher's availability.
    • Will I have the same teacher everyday?

      Yes, you will be meeting with the same teacher everyday!  
    • Do I have the same teacher every class or different teacher?

      You will have the same teacher every class.
    • My teacher isn't in class!

      If your teacher has not entered the class after the classtime has already started: Verify that you clicked on the correct link in your portal account (and for the correct class/student) Make sure you have entered class at the correct time If you are ...
    • Can I have a female teacher?

      We have both male and female teachers for all courses. Generally, female students are matched with female teachers and vice versa, unless requested otherwise by the student. Simply, you can ask the support team to change the teacher.