I Want to Study Al-Azhar Curriculum. How do I enroll?

I Want to Study Al-Azhar Curriculum. How do I enroll?

If you would like to study the Azhar curriculum or prepare for entry into the high school or university, you can enroll in our pay-as-you-go tutoring.

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    • Are You Affiliated with Al-Azhar University?

      Studio Arabiya is a separate entity from Al Azhar University, however we are licensed and supervised by Al Azhar University to teach Quran.  To read more about our license, please visit our website.
    • Can I choose my own curriculum for the classes?

      Our courses are structured with pre-planned lesson plans. If you wish to study material that is not covered in any of our courses, our pay-as-you-go tutoring option is a great match for you! Our Pay-As-You-Go Tutoring option allows you to upload any ...
    • How should i enroll in the program?

      You can go to http://studioarabiya.com/enroll and fill out the enrollment form. 
    • How to Enroll in a Course

      New Student If you are not currently a student, go to www.studioarabiya.com/enroll to enroll.  After creating your account, simply add a course and answer your evaluation questions. If you would like to enroll your child, you can create their child ...
    • I live in _____ , can I enroll in your classes?

      Yes!  We accept students from all countries and continents.  If you have access to an Internet connection and a computer or tablet/phone, you can enroll!