Where do I find my Calendar?

Where do I find my Calendar?

In the portal, each student has their own personal calendar that shows all of their classes.


  1. On the Menu, click on Calendar.


  2. There will you find all of your sessions.


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      You can find all of your current and past invoices in your portal account.   Click on My Account -> Billing You will see a list of your invoices (past and present). Click on View Invoice to open it and pay.
    • I canceled a session but it's still on my calendar!

      If you canceled (or rescheduled) a session, it will remain on your calendar in a gray color.  This is just to remind you of when the original session was, but the gray color confirms that your session really is canceled.
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      In your portal account, you can reschedule and cancel sessions on your own.  Simply click on the session in your calendar and choose either Reschedule or Cancel.   How to Cancel Your Session: Open your portal calendar and click on the session that ...
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